8 Management Advice To Leaders

Management Philosophy

1.Use extreme suggestion for negotiation to people to come in the middle or at least be aware of this tactic

2. Lower employees — safety, middle employees — fair and high — ideal and vision

3. Be uncomfortably excited to excel and move forward. Only medicore people are at its best

4. People always overestimate yourself and underestimate others. So always give yourself a discount and give people double the evaluation

5. Many problems do not have a single answer. People look up to management for a problem without consensus. So you need to explore, try, adjust

6. Employees are separated into combustible, slightly combustible, flame retardant. Management is to be combustion-supporting. Find combustible and push slightly combustible ones to be able to shine themselves

7. Management needs to be handle the stress when facing situations. If you can still fight to solve problems when you are afraid, you are then brave

8. Mature management do not discriminate any kind of personalities. Mature management to try to empathize, think from other people perspective. Real mature management able to recognize and accept more types of personalities

Credit: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/IrP8gZU2jTBW5ogGYS-qkA

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